Language and Literacy 

  • Books: If You Give a Pig a Pancake and Egg

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! Graduation is in two months, what color should our graduation gowns be? 

  • Green: Adlai, Leo
  • Blue: Alexander 
  • Purple: Fjola 
  • Pink: Artemis, Charley, Tessa, and Pearl. 
  • Silver: Dylan 
  • Gold: David John, Mishaan, Cole, Colin, Jay, Louis, and Della. 

Science with Emily 

  • Experiment: Milk, food coloring, and dish soap. We poured milk into a large clear container. Then we dropped food coloring around the edge of the container. Finally, we placed a q-tip with a little bit of dish soap into the milk. We watched how the colors spread out and mixed!
  • Predictions
    • Mishaan: I think it's gonna be fizzy. 
    • Colin: I think it's gonna get more white. 
    • Tessa: I think we have to find out! 
    • Leo: I think it's gonna be colorful 
    • Alexander: I don't know. 
    • Jay: Maybe it will get up to the top and fall all over the table. 
  • Observations
    • Tessa: It looks like a jelly fish. 
    • Mishaan: It looks like a whirlpool. 

Why Must We Protect the Earth? (Draw a picture) 

  • David John: This is me with a recycle bag. This is all of the trash. The trash goes through the solar system then to the sun and to the moon and back through the solar system. It will be a dirty place, that's why we should protect the earth. 
  • Charley: No president. No cutting down trees! 
  • Leo: If Donald trump drills into the ground, he could kill people. 


  • Watercolor painting 
    • Artemis: Charley, That's me and you! 
    • Adlai: This is everyone trying to get the knights our from this prison! 
    • Alexander: I mixed the yellow in the green to make dark green. 


  • Mishaan: We were supposed to play baseball yesterday but we didn't, so I think we should build a baseball place and play baseball. We made a baseball field! 
  • Cole: You're on second and you're on fourth. 
  • Colin: I'm the catcher! 

Small Colorful Blocks 

  • David John: We're making a city that's connected to everything. 
  • Leo: I'm making Donald Trump's drills. 
  • Louis: All the satellites and meators knock down the city. That's why all of the buildings are falling.