Language and Literacy 

  • Today we concluded literacy week with Charley's Mom, Sara. She read Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. Then we made pancakes and ate them with syrup and nutella. We had a tea party with peach and berry tea!  Afterwards, students built a stage to show off their book character costumes! 

Build an environment for your book character

  • Arun: This is a house for Zane. It has a training for ninjagos and it has a dragon face and it can fly.
  • Dylan: This is Cat in the Hat bat cave. There's a helicopter that's also a hideout and there's a very big balcony outside the house.

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Characters! 

  • Why did you choose your book character? 
    • Mishaan: I chose to be Elephant Gerald because I like Piggie and Gerald books, and I have 20 or 30 or 15 of them.
    • Zachary: I chose Darth Vader because I like being good guys and I like being bad guys. art Vader is a bad guy, but he's a good guy when he's Anakin Skywalker.
    • Dylan: Because I have a lot of Cat in the Hat  books and I picked it. 
    • Arun: Zane because he's my favorite guy in Ninjago. 
    • Adlai: I picked a dragon because they were best friends. The dragon and the knight and then they made a restaurant. 
    • Fjola: I watch Batgirl on my tv with Batman and Robin. 
    • Alexander: I love Roald Dahl books. 
    • Charley: Sleeping Beauty because I like it. 
    • Jay: Ninja because it looks like ninjago Cole. 
    • Della: Cat in the Hat. He's silly, I like the books and I watch the show. 
    • Ines: Fancy Nancy because I like her and she's so fancy and she has a fan. 
    • Leo: Fox in Socks because it's so funny! 
    • Tessa: Piggie because he's so silly. I'm in the same book as Mishaan was thinking. 
    • Mia: Elena because she goes on adventures and because she never gives up! 
    • Pearl: Gerald from Giraffes Can't Dance because I don't have any other characters to dress up as. 
    • Colin: Peg Leg Jones because I just got that book and I like both ninjas and pirates.