Language and Literacy

  • Tessa's mom, Stephanie, came in for Literacy Week today. She read Curious George and the Rocket and Moustronaut, which was written by a real astronaut. Then we made rockets out of fruit and marshmallows. The top of the rocket was a piece of strawberry, then there was a slice of banana, another slice of strawberry, a marshmallow, and cantaloupe for the flames at the bottom. They were delicious rockets!
  • Jay wrote the whole morning message today. 


  • Why must we protect the Earth?
    • Charley: I don't want the flowers to die.
    • Dylan: Here is an arrow pointing to a straight line to a canyon!
  • Dyeing names from the feelings chart
    • Cole: I made Fjola's yellow!
    • Mishaan: I want mine to be blue.
    • Mia: I want red!
  • Clay
    • Charley: We're turning Samantha into a Bergen!
    • Mia: Bergen Bergen Bergen! But we're trolls. We don't want to get eaten!
    • Ines: It's just a cake for the Bergen, so they don't eat us.


  • Experimenting with Magnets
    • Dylan: It's bouncing because it's magic. Actually it's because it's the wrong way. When you turn it around, it goes down.
    • Alex: It sticks!
    • Leo: This is magnetic to this. Look!
  • Observing the Garden
    • Students discovered a spider in the garden. They observed it closely and concluded it was probably dead.

Music with Evan

  • Today we had music during lunch! We listened to some of our favorite stories from Evan while we ate lunch. He told us the story of the giant Abiyoyo and about a vain alligator.