Language and Literacy 

  • Happy Literacy Week! Today, Pre-K started off literary week with Mia's parents, Paola and Arturo! Arturo read, If You Give a Mouse a Brownie and then the students made brownies together and had them as a snack after lunch! 

Writing Books 

  • Artemis: My book is about the Sound of Music. They fall out of a boat. 
  • Dylan: My book is called Magical Karate Students. 
  • Ines: My book is about me and my brother sliding down a rainbow. 
  • Mia: My book is about one time I was swimming and I became a mermaid and and I was swimming all alone. 


  • Making Slime 
    • Cole: The slime is getting sticky. 
    • Colin: It's getting harder to smash it. 
    • Jay: I mixed it twenty times. 
    • Della: This is gross!
    • Cole: Gross is my middle name!


  • Today french started with the Bonjour song. Then we played the dice body parts game and did the hokey pokey in French. By the end of the game, students earned star stickers, but first they had to tell Florence where to put the sticker, saying the body part in French.