Language and Literacy 

  • Music Themed Book Of The Day: Man Gave Names To All the Animals by Bob Dylan is a book and a song. Mishaan brought this book in to share. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! First we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by coloring mixing!  We mixed yellow and blue paint and discovered that it makes the color green. Then we painted things that are usually green. After, we made rainbows and pots of gold with model magic and pipe cleaners. Then we glued fruit loops to make rainbows on construction paper. Afterwards, we did a graphing activity where students had to graph the marshmallows from a cup of lucky charms. Last, we enjoyed eating our lucky charms!  

Coloring Mixing 

  • Charley: I'm painting a praying mantis eating broccoli. 
  • Pearl: It's a mantis and the moon and stars. 
  • Ines: I'm painting Mia's cookies she brought in today, because they are green. 

Fruit Loop Rainbows 

  • Charley: These are buildings, different color buildings. 
  • Mishaan: These are lines. This is where it blocks off so they can get in. 
  • Ines: It's a rainbow castle! 

Loose Block Building 

  • Zachary: We're making a bridge but you need to duck because if you stand up straight the bridge falls down. 
  • Artemis: We're making a castle with team work.