Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Things I Can Do To Save My World -Alexander brought this book in to share since Earth day is right around the corner. 
  • Morning Meeting Circle Activity: Bug in the Rug. 
  • Spring Countdown Calendar: Today we discovered that there are only 4 days left until Spring! 

Today students chose a center buddy out of a jar. Each pair had to choose a center together and work together. Here were the pairs:

  • Cole and Alexander 
  • Dylan and Leo
  • Fjola and Ines 
  • Adlai and Della 
  • Mishaan and Jay 
  • Charley and Tessa 
  • Artemis and Pearl 
  • Arun, Zachary and Mia 

Science Experiments 

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar 
    • Pearl: We're making cotton candy! 
    • Arun: It's making green. 
    • Mishaan: It's fizzing. It's turning into fizzy. 
    • Arun: Mine is like fizzy water that's changing color. 
  • Water Color Absorbency - We filled two jars to the brim with different colors of water. Then  we put a paper towel from each of the filled jars into an empty jar. We watched as the water soaked into the paper towel and dripped into the empty jar. The colors mixed to make a new color!
    • Leo: Blue and yellow make green, and there's pouring in there. 
    • Mia: When I put the red in, it made the water all red. 
    • Zachary: The water color is in the jars with the paper towels and the color goes into the jar thats empty. 


  • Fruit Loop Dice Game 
    • Leo: I thought the purple would win, but the yellow won. 
    • Alexander: You have to put the right color on the paper. 
    • Dylan: I made twelve with six and six!

Music with Evan

  • Today we had music with Evan. We started our lesson with the Wake Up Song and then we sang the Blow the Balloon song. After, Evan sang us a story about a boy and a monster who had a pizza contest because they didn't like to share, but then they learned how to share!