Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Owl Moon

Earth Day is right around the corner so today we asked the students, Why must we protect the earth? 

  • Pearl: Because we don't want to destroy it. 
  • Arun: If we cut down the trees we can't breathe. So don't waste paper. 
  • Jay: The trees give us oxygen. 
  • Mishaan: The earth could crash into other planets and could break. 
  • Tessa: We should 't cut down trees to win a contest because that's wasting. 
  • Artemis: If you cut a tree the paper will rip. 
  • Della: We need to protect the earth so the dolphins can breathe and live. 
  • Dylan: Don't waste money. 
  • Leo: Zapping the earth, If it's in danger, I'll turn it back into the earth. 

Newscaster of the Day: Zachary 

  • Zachary: Over the weekend I went to Kansas City. I saw my cousins and I ate doughnuts.  I watched the new Lego Batman movie. And the reason I was late today was because I came back from the airport last night so I slept late today. 
    • Questions and Comments 
      • Mishaan: Where did you get the doughnuts from? 
        • Zachary: They're chocolate covered. Pop Pop got them.
      • Pearl: Did your cousin put the Batman movie on?
        • Zachary: No I saw it at the movie theater. 
      • Dylan: Joker's pants were kind of ripped. 
      • Leo: I have a batman lego! 
        • Zachary: I'll get the whole bat cave for my birthday. 


Shades of Green Painting 

  • Jay: The white is making it lighter. I made a maze. 
  • Mia: It's green like the trees! 


  • Zachary: It's an automatic house! 
  • Mishaan: I'm going inside!