Language and Literacy

  • Cole helped write the morning message. 
  • Morning Meeting Greeting: Get Up and Dance -Students chose a partner to dance with. 
  • Books: 88 Instruments and The Lorax


  • Today during center time we made guacamole with the ingredients we bought at the grocery store yesterday! But first students wrote out our quacomole recipe: 
    • Mia wrote step one: Scoop avocados
      • Charley wrote step two: Chop tomatoes
        • Ines wrote step three: Squeeze limes
          • Alexander wrote step four: Mix together
            • David John wrote step five: Enjoy!  

Afterwards, in smaller groups we followed our recipe and made guacamole! Then we had it as a snack, family style! 


  • Model Magic 
    • Ines: I'm making a cake for Pearl because it's her birthday. 
    • Pearl: This is the truffle for the cake. 
  • Drawing 
    • Jay: This is a space saving muffin that walks and talks! 

Music with Isabella

  • We sang our names on two notes of the xylophone. Then we danced around the classroom like a train going faster and slower. Our last activity was learning about tarantella music from Italy.