Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom -Louis. 


  • Designing Postcards 
    • Louis: I'm making a double squid, a double cat and a double fish. 
    • Leo: I have five toes and five toes. 
    • Cole: It's me and my sister in a bubble! 
    • Dylan: It's electric energy. 
    • Arun: It's just a design. You can give it to a machine and make it real. 
    • Pearl: So many hearts! This is for my daddy. 
    • Mishaan: How do you spell my dad's name?
    • Leo: I made a postcard for Cole. 
    • Ines: This one is for Artemis. 
  • Writing the numbers for February on our classroom calendar. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Today Cole received a letter from his sister Kathryn, and Della received a postcard from her sister Flavia and a letter from her Grandma Meena! 
  • Alexander received a letter from a boy in the Philippines named Michael. Alexander and his family are Michael's sponsors. We learned that Michael is in Kindergarten, and he enjoys drawing and writing. We also learned that he lives near a volcano in the Philippines. We discussed how we could communicate with Michael. It would be exciting to send him a letter or package in the mail!
    • Mia: Alexander, can we help you make something for him?
    • Louis: Let's fly to the volcano and put mail in his mailbox.
    • Alexander: We have a little problem. The volcano is very far, next to South Africa. I went there, and they don't have a post box.