Language and Literacy 

  • I Know a Shy Fellow that Swallowed a Cello. -We bought this book at the Philharmonic yesterday! 
    • Book of the Day: Down in the Station and Tuby the Tuba -Leo 

Morning Meeting: What was your favorite brass instrument from our field trip yesterday? 

  • Charley: The tuba because it has a low sound, 
  • Artemis: The trumpet is my favorite because it has a loud sound. 
  • David John: the trombone is my favorite because it makes slow music so it can calm down babies. 
  • Louis: the tuba is so big it can not make loud sounds it only makes low sounds. 
  • Cole: trumpet because it makes low music.
  • Della: My favorite is the trombone because it's big. 
  • Fjola: Trombone!
  • Mia: the big violin is my favorite because I played it at the end. 
  • Mishaan: French horn because it was scary in the beginning. 
  • Zachary: french horn because it sounds scary. 
  • Tessa: trumpet. 
  • Ines: I like the tuba because it makes a low sound. 
  • Adlai: Tuba because its so low. 
  • Dylan: French horn because I like the sound because its round and funny. 
  • Leo: Tuba because it makes a low sound. 
  • Colin: Trumpet because i have a musical thing at home that has a trumpet in it. 
  • Pearl: I like the trombone because it plays low music. 

Partner Centers -Today during centers we assigned each student with a friend they don't play with every day. This encourages students to broaden friendships while trying new activities. 

  • Mia: Alexander first wanted to go to the block area but I wanted to go to salt dough, so we came to salt dough and then we'll go to blocks after. We're making a pizza together!  
  • Louis: I wanted to come to salt dough and Della wanted to come here too! I'm making a moon, a moon with holes because real moons have holes. 
  • Mishaan: Ines wanted to play slime and I wanted to play beads so we played with the slime for a little and now we're playing beads! 
  • David John: We decided together, right Pearl! (Slime table). 
  • Charley: This is called letter chasing. Me and Colin are learning the letters, but we already know them. 


  • Today Mishaan received a letter in the mail from his dad! We looked at the envelope, including Mishaan's name, the school's address, and the return address.


Drawing our Favorite Instruments

  • Louis: I'm drawing the tuba! It's my favorite. 
  • Charley: I made the tuba. 

Salt Dough 

  • Pearl: An Island! 
  • Cole: Dinosaurs head! 
  • Adlai: A cake, these are the candles. 

Slime Table 

  • Louis: The dinosaurs are putting glue on them so they can be stuck. 
  • Cole: It's a battle! We're trying to slime those persons! 


  • Adlai: 9 beads! 


  • Leo: Ninja turtle station! 
  • Zachary: Ninja station. 
  • Artemis: A castle. 
  • Cole: A sling shot form angry birds.
  • Artemis: I built a water slide.