Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: Waiting is Not Easy and Should I Share my Ice Cream? -Jay 

Morning Meeting: Happy Friday Pre-K! What is a globe?

  • David John: A globe is something that shows you the world. 
  • Zachary: You shake a snow globe! 
  • Leo: Madagascar is an island. 
  • Artemis: A globe is a ball that shows you where to go. 
  • Leo: New York is so big that it doesn't fit in that ball. 
  • Louis: I have one at home! 
  • Zachary: Lots of elephants are in Asia. 
  • We discussed how Jay is going on a trip today to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. We found those places on the globe. We also talked about Emily's upcoming trip to Uganda, and we found that on the globe. 


Painting Cardboard Letters 

  • Arun: X is my favorite letter. It's my lucky letter! 
  • Dylan: D is for Dylan and for duck. 
  • Artemis: I have an R in my name so I'm painting R.

Magnatiles on the Light Table 

  • Ines: We're making our school.
  • Jay: Yeah, it's Buckle my Shoe. This is where Linda works. 


  • Twister. 
  • Gym.

Music with Isabella. 

  • Today we had music with Isabella. First we sang the say your name song. Students played the xylophone as they sang their names. Then we practiced our long and short rhythms. We learned that Ta is a long rhythm and Ti-ti is a short and fast rhythm. Isabella showed us the music notes that represented Ta and Ti-Ti. At the end of music class, we sang our goodbye song very quietly.