Happy Birthday Mia! 

  • Today we celebrated Mia's birthday with her mom, dad, and grandma! First Mia's dad Arturo read Telling the Time. This book followed a day in the life of a family on Apple Tree Farm, as the family learns to tell the time along with us, the readers! Then, we had delicious cake and sang happy birthday to Mia. Afterwards, we danced to Mia's favorite songs from the Trolls soundtrack. It was a wonderful party! 

Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: We are in a Book -Charley
  • Morning message: Leo helped write the morning message today. 

Writing and Art 

  • Self Portraits with Colored Sharpies 
    • Colin: This is my head, my body, my arms, and ears. 
    • Mishaan: This is me falling upside down because i'm stuck on the ceiling of the tent. 
    • Cole: This is me, my face, my eyes, and my other eye.
    • Leo: I am hugging someone! 
  • Painting on Small Canvases 
    • Della: I am pink 
    • Adlai: This is me and my legs. 

Water Table with Baby Washing  

  • Mia: Who likes her dress? 
  • Della: I'm just washing the baby.
  • Fjola: She needs a blanket. 


  • Colin: We're building traps for wild animals. 
  • Dylan: And for the bad guys! 

Math Game 

  • Jay: I got 13! 
  • Louis: 15 numbers. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Today our mail box was full!
    • Dylan received a letter and Avenger stickers from his Aunty Jenny. 
    • Colin's friend Penny sent him a letter from Washington D.C. 
    • Alexander sent us a postcard from Florida last week when he was on vacation there. 
    • Tessa received a letter and picture from her cousin Katie! 
    • Cole got a card from his grandma in Florida.