Language and Literacy

  • Books: Miles and Miles of Reptiles! 

Morning Meeting: Welcome Back Jay! Today was Jay's first day back at Buckle My Shoe after three weeks traveling to Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We are so excited to have him back! 

Morning Meeting Greeting: Mico-Wave. The greeter says a friendly "Good Morning, to his neighbor, holds up one hand, and waves -using only his pinky finger. 

Today Erika and Katy assigned center buddies. Each pair had to go to choose a center together and work together. Here were the pairs:

  • Mia and Zachary 
  • Adlai and Fjola 
  • Pearl and Mishaan
  • Tessa and Cole 
  • Della and Leo 
  • Ines and Charley 
  • Louis and Colin 
  • Alex, Jay, and Dylan


  • Today during centers students took turns making pretzel dough with Katy! Then, each student shaped their pretzel dough into a twist, brushed it with egg, and sprinkled it with course salt! Afterwards, we baked our pretzels and had them as a snack after lunch! 


  • Easel Painting 
    • Mia: I'm making a rainbow! 
      • Zachary: This is a skylander in the air.
      • Jay: A rainstorm! 
      • Alexander: It's a picture of nothing. 
      • Cole: This is a painting of me. 
      • Tessa: It's a pink mountain. 
  • Collages with tape, markers, glue. 
    • Charley: This is an alligator turtle. 
    • Louis: I made a rainbow leopard. 
    • Cole: It's a monster. 
  • Self Portraits with colored sharpies 
    • Charley: I'm drawing me and Ines going to a girls party where no boys are allowed. 
      • Dylan: This is a treasure map. X marks the spot. There's traps so you have to crawl, jump, and slide away from the monsters. 
  • Practicing Cutting 

Block Building

  • Della and Leo: We built a hide out for Chocolate Milk! 

Water Table 

  • Baby Washing 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Today we received our second letter from Emily in Uganda! 
  • Pearl and Louis received a card from Ines! 
  • Dylan's Aunt Lynn from Massachusetts sent him a card.