Language and Literacy 

  • Musical Book of the Day: One Cool Friend -Arun

Today, Cole's sister Kathryn and mom Rebecca came in to show the Pre-K class how to make envelopes using just one piece of paper and two pieces of tape! Each student made their own envelope. Then we decorated bags for the envelopes. Afterwards, Kathryn read I'm invited to a Party. Thank you for this activity, Kathryn! 

  • Charley: My envelope is for Ines. 
  • Fjola: My envelope is for Kathryn. 
  • Arun: How do you spell Cole?
  • Mishaan: I wrote mommy and daddy. 
  • Ines: This one is for Emily. 


Writing each other's names on white boards. 

  • Mishaan: I'm writing Arun's name.
  • Colin: I'm going to write my own name first then Mishaan's name. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Mishaan received a letter from his cousin Anya in Pennsylvania.  
  • Zachary's grandparents sent him a post card from Kansas city! 
  • Artemis's aunt Pegah from Toronto sent her a letter and stickers! 


  • Paint Mixing 
  • Clay 
  • Drawing on the light table 


  • Today we went to Washington market park and had a picnic afterwards!