Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Ada Twist, Scientist -Charley brought this book in to share and donate to BMS! 

Morning Meeting: Welcome Back Pre-K! 

Morning Meeting Greeting Song: Get up and Dance! 

Turn and tell your neighbor one thing you did during the long weekend.

  • Leo: I got sick so I got to watch a movie, Pink Panther! 
  • Artemis: I packed up my luggage because I was going on vacation to Aruba. 
  • Zachary: I went to video games at Camel back. We got a hotel. I skied by myself! 
  • Mishaan: I played with my mom and dad and brother. Yesterday, I went to the train museum. 
  • Charley: I went ice skating and met a friend. We skated without our parents and held hands. 
  • Arun: I went to Chucky cheese for my birthday playdate, but it wasn't my birthday. 
  • Colin: I went ice skating with my friend Talia. My dad was watching how I ice skated around by myself. 
  • Ines: I went to the beach and had so much fun at Turks and Caicos. 
  • Fjola: I went to the carrot store. 

Writing Center 

Name Cards for Letter Writing -Draw a picture of yourself on a notecard with your name on it so if a friend wants to write you a letter, they know how to spell your name. 

  • Colin: This is me as an Alien. 
  • Arun: This is me, Cole, and Dylan. 
  • Fjola: Me and my dad bought a bracelet. 
  • Artemis: This is me and my mommy and brother. 
  • Mishaan: This is someone going all the way down and turning into money. 
  • Zachary: Me playing a video game. 
  • Leo: I am sneezing in this picture because I am sick. 
  • Charley: This is me kissing. 
  • David John: Me playing in the warm grass and sun. 
  • Ines: This is mommy, Charley, and little brother and me. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

Today we received our first letter from Emily in Uganda! In the letter, Emily explained that Uganda is very different from New York! Emily asked what is the funniest thing that happened in Pre-K today? We drew pictures to illustrate and put them in her mailbox for when she gets back! 

  • Zachary: The funniest part of today was the book that we read that Charley brought. 
  • Arun: The funny book! 
  • David John: This is a picture of me and Emily hanging out. 


Drawings with play color 

  • Pearl: I'm drawing a butterfly.
  • Artemis: I'm drawing a butterfly and flower. 

Letter bingo 

  • Charley: Does anyone have the letter U?
  • Artemis: I have the letter W. 

Loose parts building 

  • Mishaan: I'm making a house. 
  • David John: I'm playing with all of these different parts. 

Blocks -Today friends made blue prints before they started building. 

  • Arun: This is a skylander house. 
  • Colin: These are the ninja rooms. 
  • David John: We need to find the bad guys.