Pete the Cat Activity with Tessa's Parents, Stephanie and Andrew

  • Tessa's parents came in this morning to read and make a special snack with us. They read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and Stick and Stone. Afterwards, we made a fruit pizza that Pete the Cat would love, including graham crackers or rice cakes, cool whip, blueberries, and strawberries. It was delicious and fun! Thank you, Stephanie and Andrew!

Music with Evan 

  • Today we had music with Evan. We started our lesson with the Wake Up song. Then we sang the Blow the Balloon song. During the balloon song our pretend balloons popped and we landed in France! So we said Bonjour to our friends! But then we needed to come back home, so we took another ballon, blew it up and floated back home! 

Sensory Bin with Slime and Zoo Animals! 

  • Charley: oink! oink! don't eat me!
  • Jay: Loins eat pigs! 
  • Charley: The lions are predators. 
  • Colin: We're making it into slime balls. 
  • Cole: And then we're throwing the slime balls over there. 
  • Mishaan: My hand got stuck in the slime!
  • Arun: Yesterday, I got paint in my hair, and today, I got slime on my shirt!

Self Portraits

  • Louis: It's a monkey.
  • Arun: This is me with so many legs. I don't have any arms. I just have legs.
  • Pearl: I have so many legs too!
  • Tessa: This is the scribbly hair. This is the scribbly face and mouth.
  • Adlai: I'm flying a plane!
  • Fjola: Mommy and me are building a sand castle. It's windy and the waves are coming towards us.
  • Zachary: This is me with stilts. And a wooden arm.
  • Artemis: Me on a skateboard.
  • Mia: Me as a mermaid.
  • Mishaan: I'm skateboarding and I'm riding on the wheels and it's raining.

Model Magic

  • Pearl: The rolling pin is better to roll it.
  • Jay: A present. A lollipop!

Chinese New Year Parade

  • The Pre-K students wore the dragon that they made this week, and we walked around the school, chanting, "Xin Nian Kuai Le," which means happy new year in Chinese!