Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Where the Wild Things Are. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Mediators! Starting today we will have 2 new classroom jobs, mediator and mail carrier (Louis and Arun helped write the morning message). 

Fjola's grandparents visited with our class this morning during Morning Meeting.

Gissell is a new intern in the Pre-K class. She will be with us one day a week for the rest of the year.

Tell us about your storm clouds from our field trip yesterday: 

  • Arun: My cloud shoots out ice cream. It's a storm ship and the rope unties and sees bad guys. 
  • Mishaan: The white thing on my cloud is snow and the green thing is rain and when the bad storm comes it breaks buildings. 
  • Fjola: It shoots out ice cream from the holes. 
  • Mia: The orange thing shoots out rain. the red thing shoots out ice. That puffy thing makes rain and the blue thing makes water. 
  • Artemis: When you push that thing on my cloud it makes rain and then it makes an umbrella. 
  • Cole: This is a bad guy getting storm cloud. 
  • Tessa: The cone cup on my cloud makes lightening. 


Model Magic with Pipe Cleaners 

  • Arun: I made a cherry with model magic. 
  • Dylan: It's a space ship that goes to the aircraft. 


  • Mia: This is amazing! I can paint my name. 
  • Artemis: Happy face! 
  • David John: I made a picture of me and Charley playing together at our play date. 
  • Charley: I'm painting me getting married to Arun. 
  • Artemis: I'm painting me as Elsa. 
  • Louis: This is Charley! And this is the treasure she found. 

Blocks -Today students made blue prints before they started building. 

  • Arun: I'm drawing New York City. 
  • Colin: This is a safety pin and that's the statue. The safety pins guard the statue. 
  • Charley and Zachary made a lion cave.