Today we went on our field trip to the Children's Museum of the Arts where we visited the Weather or Not, That is the Question exhibit. 

  • We saw a big colorful net that had been exposed to the weather elements. We also saw a piece of art with many different types of lines and materials. The third piece of art we saw looked like a big storm cloud. Then, students made their own storm clouds in the studio!

Here's what the students said about the clouds they made: 

  • Dylan: My cloud goes down on the surface to get water, and then it goes down to blast electricity.  
  • Adlai: My cloud is an ice cream cloud. It shoots out ice cream, instead of lightning bolts. It sprays sprinkles for good luck. 
  • Charley: Our clouds make music and they are attached. 
  • David John: The details are strong and together and make music. The music goes through the pipes. 
  • Zachary: This is snow and this is ice and this is rain. Here is thunder and more thunder and ice. 
  • Della: This part of my cloud makes noise and this is where the snow enters. 
  • Colin: This is the clouds and these are the buildings and these are more clouds. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Colin: Today Colin received a valentine's card from his friend Penny in Washington D.C. 
  • David John received a valentine from his mom and dad.