Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: Zachary's book of the day came with a special guest reader, his dad Scott! Scott read two of Zachary's favorite Star Wars books to the class. Everyone wanted to talk about the Star Wars characters that they know. 
  • Aladdin -Pearl brought this book in to share. 


Draw Your Best Self Portrait 

  • Charley: This is me going to a meeting at Little Red with Artemis and Pearl. 
  • Pearl: Me, Mom, and flowers. 
  • Arun: This is me with my gloves and my shoes. 
  • Mia: It's me in a picture frame box. And my doggy. I can make shoes! 
  • Mishaan: This is me and my body and my ears! 

Drawings for Uganda 

  • Louis: I drew a tree, and a flower and a heart. Three hearts!
  • Cole: I'm 4 and my name is Cole. 
  • Charley: I'm drawing my Minnie Mouse ball for the kids. 

Light Table with Magna-tiles

  • Arun: We're building a house with pennies. 
  • Cole: I made it for Arun for his birthday. 

Felt Map Activity - We discussed continents, countries, deserts, oceans, and animals from around the world.


  • Today we went to Washington Market Park. Unfortunately there was too much snow for us to play on the playground, so students played on the field instead! We ran all around the field and got tons of exercise.
  • We also had soccer with Coach Carolina when we got back to school!