Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: Rabbits -Pearl. 
  • Harry the Dirty Dog

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Love Bugs! 

  • For our greeting this morning, students shook hands with the people next to them. We practiced looking each other in the eyes, smiling, and saying good morning. We also said one nice thing to our neighbors. We will sit next to someone new at Morning Meeting each day this week.


  • Making a Valentine's Day Card for Someone you Love. 
    • Fjola: I love you, Mia!

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Della got a letter from her grandpa. In the envelope, her grandpa included a newspaper clipping. It was an article about him cleaning the outside of the Empire State Building! Della's grandpa was outside of the Empire State Building, cleaning and fixing the 86th floor. It was exciting to see this picture of Della's grandfather in the newspaper!
  • David John: I'm drawing a picture of me and Leo playing together to put in his mailbox. 
  • Charley got a Valentine's day card from her grandma!