Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day 2/9: The Little Mermaid, Pop-Up Adaptation of the classical fairy tale. -Mia
  • Book of the Day 2/10: Mix it Up! -Mishaan

Today was an extra fun in the Pre-K class. First Della's Mom, Dana came in to celebrate Della's birthday. She read It's okay to be Different, and then we had delicious cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Della! Afterwards, Mia's dad Arturo came in during gym time to play monster with the children while we danced to Mia's favorite songs from the Trolls soundtrack! It was a wonderful morning! 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Snow Angels! What special item did you bring today? 

  • Pearl: This was Rapunzel but it broke. It's from my grandma because she loves me. 
  • Charley: This is Sadie. It's an alligator my mommy bought for me from a place she went to. I showed Sammie it and she laughed. 
  • Artemis: My toy with money in it, my mommy gave it to me. It's for shopping. 
  • Colin: I brought this ninja turtle thing because dad said I can watch the ninja turtle show today. 
  • Dylan: I brought this very tiny thing that can run faster than anyone else. It's Flash! 
  • Ines: I went to Brazil and I took an airplane. This was happy new year with fireworks. 
  • Adlai: This is a dinosaur. If a predator comes it can tie it's feet up. It's eyes are little and yellow and it can see really far. 
  • Della: It's a monkey that I bought for my dad that can sing and dance. 
  • Leo: I brought a picture that say's God is love. 
  • Cole: This is Captain Underpants. I already brought it in. This is captain underpants and at the end there is a guy who doesn't like captain underpants. I got it at my sister's school. 
  • Zachary: This is tie lego fighter. I watched Trolls yesterday and I made this yesterday. 
  • David John: This is a zoom zoom spiderman, it comes with a book. It shows the name and the characters. It bounces. 
  • Arun: I brought a key chain that one side is orange and the other part is green like twisting. 
  • Mia: This is Lucy the dog and she can stand on her head when she barks. 
  • Louis: This is a jet and everytime I try and play, it breaks but before it lights up. 
  • Alexander: This is an acorn. 
  • Tessa: This is my hatcnhimal. He can say words. When it turns colors you can say something.