• Language and Literacy 
  • Books 
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Green Team! -Mishaan brought this book in to share. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • Use one word to describe your weekend. 
    • Artemis: Sing!
    • Della: Sing
    • Charley: Pearl.
    • Pearl: Good
    • Leo: Great 
    • Tessa: Sing
    • Zachary: Sing movie 
    • Colin: Sledding and Sing. 
    • Mishaan: Brother 
    • Cole: Drone 
    • Elizabeth: Rock climbing 
    • Mia: Sing and baby brother's birthday 
    • Fjola: Brave movie. 
    • Dylan: Birthday planning
    • Adlai: Battleship 
    • Alexander: Party and Moana.
    • Jay: Snowball fight.

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Tessa: This is Santa in his sleigh when we were shopping. I tried to draw a star. This was at Grandma and Pop pop's house. We opened presents. We call uncle Johnny uncle Potty. We went swimming. This is a map when we tried to spot eagles. And this is a glass store. You can put notes inside. I went to see Comet and Vixen. They're santa's reindeer. One was a baby. 
    • Cole: Did you see Rudolph? 
      • Tessa: No. 
    • MIshaan: Did they fly?
      • Tessa: No, they were in a cage. I went skiing, It started here and I went all the way down. 
    • Zachary: Did you get a prize?
      • Tessa: No. This is a new year's crown. 10+10=20 and 100+100=200. And I made a little book. 
    • Cole: For christmas I went to Sing. I got a present and peeps. 
    • Elizabeth: When santa came to my house, he got me a big fat baby. 
    • Mia: I saw reindeer in Disney. 
  • Dylan: This is Sing. Mashpee commons is in Cape Cod, It is where my grandma and grandpa live. I got presents, a submarine. I went to the children's museum. This is my christmas tree. I went to Mcdonalds. I got sauce, ketchup, french fries, and chicken nuggets and the gorilla from Sing. Then dad got new glasses. I went fishing with my rocket fishing rod. I went on a slide. 
    • Cole: I went to see Sing     
    • Mia: I went on a slide too.
    • Artemis: I went to see Sing. 
    • Della: I went to see Sing. 


  • CD collages 
    • Adlai: This is supposed to be a cone, meaning no one go, danger!! Sharks! 

Playing cards 

  • Della: There's a magician right around the block. He has cards like these but they are bigger and you have to guess which color it is. 


  • Jay: This is no where city. The trucks walk on the clouds and these are jumpy hoops from the circus. 

Chocolate Milk observations 

  • Mia: Chocolate Milk is eating her salad!