Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Curious George goes Camping -Colin brought this book in to share. 
    • Nanette's baguette -Mishaan brought this book in to share. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K!

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Cole: I want Pittsburgh to win the football game but the other team won. Jack got a drone for christmas from santa. We were flying it but his phone died so it flew back, but we almost lost it. I played a game where you flip a lever and when you get three in a row you get another chance. 
    • Arun: My cousins have a drone too, but it didn't have enough power. 
    • Mishaan: One time I went to a helicopter place and the plane went into the clouds. 
    • Leo: One of my cousins got a drone for his birthday and I flew it into a tree. 
    • Colin: One time I went into a helicopter with my dad and we needed to use the parachutes. 
    • Louis: How did it almost get lost?
      • Cole: It was flying and then it just died. 
  • Colin: I watched Curious George on the iPad on the way to Boston. Then we went bowling with Opa. Santa gave me a santa costume and a police station, I like santa's beard the most! Then I went to San Dddda (Diego). We went to sea world and my favorite was the turtle, I got a stuffed animal too. 
    • Della: I don't have to bring an iPad in the car because the tv is on the seats. 
    • Mishaan: Where did you see a turtle? In the ocean?
      •  Colin: Sea world! It wasn't in the ocean.  And I also got a stuffed animal and went on a big rollercoaster. 
    • Fjola: The last time I was in a police car. 
    • David John: I went swimming underwater. My grandfather helped me. 
    • Tessa: I saw something at Disney world, sea animals. 
    • Zachary: I went to Pennsylvania and watched movies and went bowling with my little cousin Katie. 


  • Drawing to the music
  • Mozart, Leopold Symphony of Toys -Allegro.
    • Louis and Jay drew very quickly when the music was playing at a fast tempo.
      • Cole: It's going too fast! I can dance faster than I can draw! 
  • Dancing to the music
    • Arun, Tessa, and Pearl danced to the music with ink on their feet. They stepped in stamp pads, and then danced on a long sheet of paper. We watched as their footprints appeared on the paper.

Board Games 

  • Chutes and Ladders 
    • David John: I'm going to get to  100! 
    • Leo: I went on 6.
    • Zachary: You're on  the middle of the slide. 
  • Guess Who. 

Chocolate Milk - Zachary brought a toy carrot for Chocolate Milk! She loves it!