Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • The Book With No Pictures - Cole brought this book in from home to share! 

Morning Meeting: Dear Chilly Children! It is very cold. Brrrr! What do you do to keep warm in the winter? 

  • Colin: I drink hot tea. 
  • Cole: My mom said she needs her coffee.
  • Artemis: Drink hot chocolate! 
  • Charley: Drink hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts! 

Today is Fjola's Birthday, we will have a party to celebrate! 

Today each student shared their New Years Resolution for 2017! 

  • Leo: I want to eat more fruit and sleep more. 
  • Artemis: Exercise and eat more fruit! 
  • Charley: I want to go to the park more with Ian. 
  • Mishaan: I want to play with my friends and brother more. 
  • Pearl: Eating cucumbers. 
  • Cole: Drink more water because I was sick! 
  • Arun: Having more playdates with friends.
  • Zachary: Eating mangos. 
  • Mia: Eating broccoli and drinking water. 
  • Dylan: Having dinner, lunch, fruit, and fun with my family. 
  • David John: Eat more bananas! 
  • Della: I really just eat too much pizza and pasta but now I want to eat more veggies. 
  • Tessa: Eat quicker because I am always the last one to finish. 
  • Colin: I want to sleep through the night without waking mommy and daddy up. 
  • Adlai: Teach Weller how to do better and try to do better too. 


  • Self Portraits 
    • Arun: My body, arms, and legs. 
    • Zachary: I always draw myself with stilts. 
    • Cole: I have long hair. 
    • Della: My hair is covering my eyes. 
    • Dylan: An alien and a squid are attacking me. 
    • Jay: I'm shooting aliens! 
    • Leo: I am eating lunch in this picture. 
    • Mia: It's me in a new year outside! 
    • David John: It's me playing in the sun in the grass. 
    • Fjola: This is my dad. I am not with him. I'm at home. My home is magical. 
    • Adlai: This is my legs, this is my tummy, this is my eye balls, and my hair. 
    • Colin: I only have one eye because I moved my eye to be the mouth. 
    • Pearl: We are at a princess store getting band aids for me and my thumb. 
    • Charley: This is me walking to the park. 
  • Stamps 
    • Pearl: I want to write Mom. M-O-M. Mom told me how to spell it. I need to make a sign for Bun Bun. It's gonna say "Bun Bun's private loft." 
  • Beading 
    • Cole: I need a E for my name! 

Dramatic Play 

  • Mishaan: We're playing operation. 
  • Jay: Yeah, we're fixing Arun he's sick. 
  • Mishaan: Here's a shot! 

Sensory Bin Potion 

  • Mia: We're making a cake for Fjola. 
  • Charley: I'm the waitress! 
  • Mia: I'm the chef. 
  • Della: I'm making the decorations for the cake.
  • Tessa: Marshmallows for the cake!