Language and Literacy 

  • Books - The Adventures of Chocolate Milk

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Pearl: My cousin Alice draw this. This is me and my cousin Alice in Millbrook where my Grandma lives. There are two beds for me and Alice at my Grandma's house. On this page my mom wanted me to write everyone's name. My mom brought me to Dylan's Candy Bar. Thats the rainbow candy that I got. We saw Moana, this is a picture of Moana. I went to get candy and ice cream with my dad and we went to the children's museum. This is a picture of cookies.
    • Arun: Did you know that I also ate cookies at my friends house. I ate so much. 
    • Dylan: I went to the children's museum when I was a baby and when I was two and when I was four. 
    • Charley: I went to the children's museum and made a cheetah at the clay bar. 
    • Artemis: I went to the children's museum too.  
  • Della: That's the photo when I went to Sing. It was 3D. That's when our cousins, Emma and Hayden, came over and brought us presents. We made cookies and saw the Rockettes. This picture is when we were waiting for Mina, Aunt Tara, and Edgar to come over. We went ice skating with out friend Hope but she didn't know how because she's never been. We had a lesson. You have to march, and then when you feel like you're going to fall, you lean forward.
    • Cole: I went to the same place as you! Did you go to Brookfield Place?
    • Della: Yes!
    • Pearl: I went ice skating with my mom. The first and second time I was a little scared. 
    • Arun: I went ice skating with my dad. 
    • Mishaan: Once I went ice skating at Brookfield place. 
    • Mia: When I went ice skating there were things to hold on to so you wouldn't fall.  


  • Clay Self Portraits 
    • Charley: This is my face and my hair. 
    • Arun: It's my face with my initials
  • Drawing Self Portraits
    • Mishaan: This is my hair, this is my face. This is my nose, mouth, and eyes. This is my belly. These are my arms and legs and I have a belly button .
    • Artemis: It's me in the water, in a pool!