Language and Literacy

  • Spiderman vs. Electro - Dylan brought this book for our Book of the Day series.
  • During morning meeting, we discussed what we know about mail.
    • Zachary: Tomorrow, the mailbox flag is gonna be up because Mishaan will send me mail.
    • Pearl: You write your name if you don't know your number.
    • Ines: You put the mail in the mailbox.
    • Artemis: It gets sent from the mailbox and you look at the mail.
    • Charley: You put the flag up when you get mail.
    • Zachary: First, the mail goes to the mail factory, and then the mail truck. When the flag is up, you have mail.
    • Adlai: You should write your name on the letter.
    • Colin: You have to put your address on it.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Picking up pom poms with chopsticks and moving them from a tray to a bowl
    • Della: I can pick up 3! It's gonna take 80 weeks to do them all!
    • Cole: You're doing it too hard, Leo. You have to be gentle.
    • Leo: What about ice hockey.
    • Alexander: I did it!


  • Drawing on the clear easel
    • Pearl: I can see Della through the window
  • Oil Pastel Drawing
    • Adlai: I'm making a rainbow.
    • Charley: Me and mommy going to a party at the museum.
    • Cole: I have no idea what this is.
    • Zachary: Me, mommy, daddy, and Huxson pushing snowballs
    • Alexander: A beetle with so many legs.
    • Colin: My dad, my mom, and me! We're making snowballs.
    • Fjola: I'm chasing the birdies.
    • Mia: This is me with makeup and Pearl with makeup. I have a crown. That's a butterfly, and that's Chocolate Milk!
    • Dylan: This is a macaroni house and a pineapple house. The robot is jumping on the house with a force field.
  • Model Magic
    • Jay: I did it! J-A-Y!


  • Mishaan: It's a big tall thing.
  • Colin: Animals are in the fire station!
  • Mishaan: And a police station! 
  • Zachary: And an airport! It's New York City!
  • Mishaan: It's Buckle My Shoe.

Dramatic Play

  • Being Dogs
    • Alexander: I have two dogs.
    • Della: Woof woof!
    • Artemis: Grrrrr.
    • Charley: Pretend I was good-trained so I do not need a leash. 
    • Alexander: We're going to the pet store to get Charley a leash.

French with Florence

  • Bonjour song
  • Counting the number of students who were here today.
  • Passing the pom pom and singing the days of the week game.
  • Goodbye song