Welcome Back, Ines!

  • Today was Ines's first day back at Buckle My Shoe after a month in Brazil. We were so excited to have her back! We made her a welcome back sign that everyone helped to decorate. Leo drew several people and Jay made, "Dots all over!" It was so much fun welcoming Ines back to school. We're so glad she's back!

Language and Literacy

  • Book of the Day: Della's book of the day came with a mystery reader, her dad Fred! Fred read The Book With No Pictures (which is a Pre-K favorite) and Birdie's First Day of School. Della's dad also brought cupcakes which we ate together after! That was a yummy surprise. Thanks Fred! 

Morning Meeting: Happy Lunar New Year Pre-K! 

French with Florence. 

  • Today we had french with Florence. We started our lesson by reviewing the days of the week in french. Then we played a game where we passed the pom pom around singing the days of the week, and when the music stopped whoever had the pom pom had to hide it and the student in the middle had to guess who had it! 
  • Mail and Mailboxes
    • Mishaan got a surprise letter from his mom! 
    • Pearl: You have mail!
    • Leo: You have double mail! 
    • Colin: Colorful mountains for you! 
    • Mia: Who wants a rainbow dress for my letter?
    • Charley: I want the cake one! 
    • Louis: This is for David John but I can't find his mailbox! 
    • Colin: Half is for Erika, half is for Emily. 
  • Welcome Back sign for Ines! 
    • Jay: Dots all over! 

Sticks and Connectors. 

  • Tessa: This is a rhino that ate James's mom and dad in James and the Giant Peach. 
  • David John: This is the baton that turned a pumpkin into a carriage. Zap! 
  • Artemis: I made a helicopter. 

Lacing Letters

  • Leo: M! Go up then down! 
  • Alexander: X! I did it. 
  • David John: Letter tracing. 
  • Adlai: I didn't know astronaut started with a "A." 
  • Jay: J for Jay. 


  • Louis: I'm making a home for the vehicle I made.