• Language and Literacy 
  • Books 
    • Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
    • I Spy Spectacular-a book of picture riddles. 

Morning Meeting: Welcome Back Pre-K! 

  • Vacation Journal Sharing 
    • Mia: This is the ticket for the flight. This is a picture of a giraffe and this is a restaurant where we ate pizza and played games. This is a picture of my family and this is my sculpture. I drew a picture of my American girl doll. I was flying on the ride so I drew a picture of myself upside down. Chef Mickey is a place where we eat. We went to a dolphin show and this is me touching a dolphin. This is a ticket for the flight on the way back. 
      • Artemis: I have an American girl doll who stands up by herself. 
        • Mia: My American girl doll is the ballerina from the Nutcracker. 
      • Cole: My sister has an American girl doll that does gymnastics. 
      • Tessa: I have classical music. 
      • Dylan: Why did you see characters from Mickey cooking? 
        • Mia: They cook a the restaurant. 
      • Pearl: Even Pluto was the chef?
        • Mia: Yes! 
  • Vacation Journal Sharing 
    • Mishaan: This is me and my cousins playing ball on Christmas day. We went downstairs to the basement to play catch. Me and my friends went to see the christmas tree and we got mango and raspberry ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles! I saw a magician who had ice cream and cotton candy. I went to the Jets and Bills football game. I wanted the Jets to win and they did! 
      • Cole: I went to a football game. 
        • Mishaan: I got a Jets headband. 
      • Tessa: I went to my first Giants game. 
        • Mishaan: The Jets and the Giants stadium are really close. 

Drawing on white boards and chalk boards. 

  • Tessa: It's a tree made of roses. 
  • Mia: This is a picture of me. 
  • Cole: I made myself naked at the lake. 

Painting vacation memories. 

  • Mia: I'm painting my vacation. 
  • Fjola: I go to a new house thats pink and orange with flowers. My door is magical. 
  • Pearl: I'm painting my Mama and me. 
  • Tessa: A dress, face and eyes. 

Light Table with magna tiles. 

  • Jay: I made a "J" with a hat. 
  • Charley: We're making a house for all of the animals we didn't bring. 
  • Artemis: This is a cover for when it rains. 
  • Della: These are the decorations.
  • Charley: Baboons for the house! Lets put them to sleep. 


  • Mishaan: It's a building!
  • Zachary: I'm the inspector. At 10 o'clock I will inspect it and again at 11 o'clock. Mishaan makes sure it doesn't fall down. 
  • Mishaan: This can be the bridge for the people to walk on. 
  • Dylan: I'm the boss, it's the building of the Giants. 

Games and Puzzles

  • How many bears are under the cup?
  • Guess Who?
  • Candyland
  • Alphabet floor puzzle


  • After the bonjour song, we told Florence a little bit about our winter breaks. Then, she told us that she went to France and showed us the suitcase that she brought with her. We talked about different items of clothing that were inside the suitcase, and then students had to put back the article of clothing that Florence said in French.