Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day- Normal NormanThe Nonsense Show and The Land of Robots which is a book that David John wrote! 

Today there was a tour going on in our classroom so we had lots of gym time! First we played "bug in the rug" a hide-and-seek game. Then we set up our very own American ninja warrior obstacle course! 


  • Painting 
    • Charley: We're painting things in the ocean that are brave. 
    • Della: This is a butterfly tiger. 
    • Adlai: A predator hiding in its shell. 
    • Mishaan: I made a picture of a house and these are the windows. 
    • Artemis: This is an alligator and I'm swinging on it. 
    • Pearl: This one is me! This is Arun and Mommy.
    • Arun: Here's my emoji smiley face. This is my best emoji face.
  • Letter Writing 
    • Mishaan: I wrote my name. This is for my mom because she's sick. 
    • Tessa wrote a letter to Rachel and the 2A class, and then she received a letter back from Rachel!
    • Artemis got a letter from her dad in her mailbox!

Water Table 

  • David John: It's a electricity tube that goes into here.
  • Mishaan: Pour it! 


  • Artemis: It's a bouncy trampoline. 
  • Jay: I made an X.