Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: Jumanji -Colin. 

Today we introduced our classroom and individual mailboxes! First each student made a label for their mail box.

  • Adlai: How do you make a flower? 
  • Charley: I'll help you. 
  • Mia: Do the teachers have mail boxes? 

Then we asked the students what we should do with the mailboxes?

  • Artemis: Draw mailbox pictures on the mailbox! 
  • Leonardo: All the classes should have one. 
  • Mishaan: Maybe we can drill a hole in the window and stick the mailbox in there. 
  • Dylan: Maybe we could drill the mailbox on the wall and stick it with tape. 
  • Colin: Who will drill the mailbox into the wall?
  • Mishaan: Maybe Bob the builder! 
  • Zachary: We need a screw and a drill to screw it in the wall. 

After, the students got busy writing mail to each other! 

  • Cole: How do you write Dylan's name? 
  • Arun: This is for Emily.
  • Louis: This card is for Leo. 
  • Leo: But I'm doing one for my mom! 
  • Mia: This is a Mia mermaid for Fjola! 


  • Today during soccer, we practiced scoring goals on Coach Lino. The students scored many goals. Next, we worked on a special soccer skill of "waking up" the cones backwards. Then we kicked the cones into the goal.