Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day: How Full is your Bucket and Nugget and Fang -Cole. 

Morning Meeting Greeting: Artemis chose the "Popcorn on a Train" greeting for her birthday. 

Today we made t-shirt necklaces with Pearl's grandma. First we cut along the seam and then we made a one inch cut across the bottoms of the t-shirts. Next, we stretched the loops that we created and put them around our necks. We did this many times and made several loops for each person. Finally, we tied the loops together with another piece of t-shirt. It was such a fun activity with Grammy Elaine! 


  • Painting 
    • Colin: I mixed blue and red and it made purple. 
    • Zachary: This is a bat. It has two eyes that are red. It does not say tweet tweet. It howls. 
    • Charley: Rainbow tiger. 
    • Artemis: This is a hotel at the beach with a door and the ocean. A fishy too. 
    • Fjola: I'm painting me, I just have to do my hair. 
    • Adlai: This is a boat with so many colors it makes a rainbow. 

French with Florence 

  • Today we had french with Florence. First we sang Happy Birthday to Artemis in French! Then Artemis counted to five because she is five. After, Florence pretended to have a grocery shop and one by one each child bought groceries from her shop and put them in the basket. During this lesson we learned the names of different fruits and vegetables and practiced counting in french!