Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the Day 
    • Arun's book of the day came with a mystery reader, his mom Lori! Lori read Red: A Crayon's Story and Creepy Carrots. The children really enjoyed this. 

Morning Meeting: Happy Kindness Day! 

  • For today's greeting each student said something kind to a friend and gave them a sticker in honor of kindness day. 
    • Mishaan to Arun: Thank you for playing with me! 
    • Arun to Cole: Thank you for playing with me. 
    • Cole to Tessa: Thanks for going to Woodlock with me! 
    • Tessa to Mia: Thank you for having a play date with me. 
    • Mia to Fjola: Thank you for being my best friend. 
    • Fjola to Della: Thank you for being my best friend. 
    • Della to Artemis: Thank you for being my best friend. 
    • Artemis to Charley: Thank you for playing with me!
    • Charley to Zachary: Thank you for playing with me. 
    • Zachary to Alexander: Thank you for having a play date with me. 
    • Alexander to Louis: Thank you for coming to my birthday party. 
    • Louis to Jay: Thank you for coming to my house. 
    • Jay to Colin: Thank you for playing with me in the gym. 
    • Colin to Pearl: Thanks for playing with me at my house. 
    • Pearl to Dylan: Thank you for being a good teammate. 
    • Dylan to Adlai: I like when you protect the girls with me. 
    • Adlai to Leo: Thank you for being a classmate. 
    • Leo to Deborah: Thank you for being my teacher.
  • What is something kind we can do?
    • Charley: We can hug! 
    • Della: Hug.
    • Pearl: Hug. 
    • Leo: Take care of my friends. 
    • Jay: Play with each other. 
    • Dylan: Kiss Mommy and Daddy when they come home from work. 
    • Arun: Kiss!
    • Tessa:Hug! 
    • Cole: Hug. 
    • Louis: Hug.
    • Mishaan: We can play. 
    • Alexander: You can go to outer space with your friends. 
    • Mia: Play with friends and Fjola in outer space. 
    • Zachary: Let Mishaan come to my house. 
    • Colin: Always play with Mishaan. 
    • Artemis: Climb on the rocks with Della. 


  • Kindness Pictures 
    • Zachary: This is mommy, daddy, and me holding hands. 
    • Fjola: This is me, mommy, and daddy and my little brother. 
    • Mia: I'm going to make Fjola. Fjola, what color dress do you want to wear? 
    • Leo: I'm trying to write "I love mama." 
    • Pearl: I'm making a car and my mommy. 

Hollow Blocks 

  • Louis: It's a garbage station.
  • Jay: There's so much rubbish. We emptied all the blocks! 
  • Arun: The old wood goes here. 
  • Cole: We could make a fire. 
  • Louis: The bridge is for putting the garbage inside where it needs to go. 

Sending Mail

  • Alexander wanted to send the 2A class a letter because they have a mailbox by their door. After delivering a letter, he decided to send them a package too. Alexander and Mia created packages to deliver to their mailbox. Then we went with Colin and Mishaan to drop off the packages. It was particularly excited to raise the red flag on the mailbox to let them know that there was mail inside. During lunch, we received a thank you note from their class!

Music with Isabella 

  • Today we made a sound box during music with Isabella! We made a soundbox with rubber bands and discovered that without the box the rubber band does not make a sound, but with the box it makes a sound. Then we discovered that the sound box made even more noise with a bridge, separating the rubber band from the top of the box. When there is a shorter distance between two bridge, the pitch is higher. Isabella left us with one sound box. We are excited to experiment with it!