• Language and Literacy
    • Book of the Day
      • Artemis: Uni the Unicorn. 
      • Adlai: The Knight and the Dragon

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Friends! 

  • Greeting: Knock, Knock -We used this old favorite to greet one another and learn last names. 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Zachary: I got Luke Skywalker for Christmas! Here's a picture of his light saber. Then I ate chocolate crinkle cookies. That's a picture of my stocking! I went to church and I woke up  and got a ninja turtle thing. This is the last page, it's a picture of when I saw Sing. 
    • Cole: I saw Sing too! 
    • Arun: I didn't get a lot of presents, Santa just brought me one, but last year I get a lot. 
    • Dylan: Do you know that my Aunty got me a Leonardo from Ninja turtles for christmas. 
      • Zachary: I know all of them! 
    • Artemis: How do you see a ninja turtle when you woke up? 
      • Zachary: It was in the back with the big presents! 
    • Mishaan: On christmas I got ninja turtles. 
    • Charley: I have a ninja turtle water gun that I use at the park. I use it with my friends. 


  • Beading 
    • Mia: I'm making a crown for Fjola. 
    • Tessa: This is me! 
    • Mia: These are my sunglasses I made. 
  • Drawing 
    • Charley: This is me and this is my mommy on the plane to Sundance together. 
    • David John: This is a rainbow lizard. 
  • Collage on cardboard
    • Tessa: I made a snowman. It has a hat!


  • Geo board with rubber bands 
  • Cole: Don't connect mine! 
  • Jay: It's connected.
  • Arun: This is a sling shot pyramid. 
  • Leo: It's a storm! 

Straws and Connectors 

  • Arun: A starship! 
  • Adlai: I'm making letters. A "T."
  • Louis: A helicopter. 

Music with Evan

  • Today we had music with Evan. We started our lesson with the Wake up song. Then we pretended to drink juice. Leo said, "lets make it fire juice," so we drank fire juice.  Then Evan continued the story of Phoebe, the girl who wouldn't go to sleep so Charley said, "Shobie you to go to sleep or your dad is going to turn you into an apple!" Then we all pretended to sleep so Shoebie wouldn't turn into an apple. We ended our lesson with the Goodbye everybody song.