Language and Literacy 

  • Book of the day: Grandma Bendy -Alexander brought this book in to share. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks Alexander for choosing such a great book for our book of the day! 


  • Birthday cards for Diane 
    • Mia: I'm going to make a heart as big as the classroom.
    • Fjola: This is her house and this is her doing ballet in her house. I did a 'D' for birthday. 
    • Arun: I'm trying to make a dragon for Adlai. 
    • Tessa: I'm making Diane with a crown on her head and a birthday cake! 
    • Charley: Here's a rainbow for Diane. 
  • Lego Stamping with Paint 
    • Arun: It's not really what you expect, it's just dots. 
  • Drawing on Rocks: 
    • Dylan: I drew my face on a rock! And I wrote my name but it came out backwards. 
  • Air Dry Clay 
    • Artemis: This is a Mountain! 
    • Arun: This is a potato from a long time ago. 


  • Leo: We're ninja's! 
  • David John: The measuring tape is stuck! 
  • Leo: Let's fix it!