Language and Literacy 

  • Books and Songs 
    • Mia's dad, Arturo came in to read to us today! He read Oh No Little Dragon and Llama Llama and the Bully Goat. Afterwards, we had a dance party. Everyone had a great time, Thanks Arturo! 

Morning Meeting: Happy Friday Pre-K! 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • David John: This is when I went to my Aunt Karen's house with my cousin and saw Sara. These are my cousins. This is when me and my dad took a picture hugging and stepping on rocks. This is the picture when we unwrapped birthday presents...I mean christmas presents. This is a picture when I made cookies. This is when I first woke up, the tooth fairy gave me ten dollars. I can get anything that costs ten dollars. 
    • Leo: How did you get to each place? I took an airplane,
      • David John: but to get to Aunt Karen's you ride in a car.
    • Artemis: I went to the dentist before, it was really far away and the dentist was my grandpa. 
    • Cole: When I was a baby, I fell down and broke my tooth, so I get an extra dollars!
      • David John: Wow, you're so lucky! 
    • Zachary: I had cookies for christmas, I had chocolate crinkle cookies. 


  • Model Magic Self Portraits 
    • Arun: I just have one giant nose! 
    • Leo: I'm making my lungs. 
    • Pearl: My legs are on my mouth. 
    • Jay: I'm finding treasure. 
    • Artemis: I'm a snowman!  My body is white. 
    • Colin: That's my shirt and that's my body. 
    • Mishaan: See how tall I am!?
  • Winter night drawings and collages 
    • Adlai: Starry night. And it's a race track. You have to go zooming around. 

Music with Isabella

  • Today we had music with Isabella. We started our lesson with the hello say your name song. Then we sang in pianoforte and crescendo. After we pretended to tune our orchestra with the xylophone for the Tubby song. Then Isabella read us more of the Tubby the Tuba book. Last, we ended our lesson with the goodbye song.