Happy Birthday, Dylan!

  • For Dylan's birthday, his mom, Kate, came in for a party in the afternoon. She read Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery, and then we had delicious cup cakes inside ice cream cones! Afterwards, we danced to Dylan's favorite songs, Ghostbusters and Can't Stop the Feeling. It was a wonderful party!

Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Pete the Cat - we read some more stories from Charley's Pete the Cat story book.
  • Songs
    • Jump Up and Down - Dylan, the birthday boy, chose this song as the greeting song!
  • Vacation Journal Sharing
    • Alexander: We saw Santa when we went shopping. We left out a mince pie and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. They ate it! I got a lot of presents. I went on the airplane to the Bahamas. We saw a fire show. I touched a dolphin. It felt like rubber. There was a parade for New Year's Eve. I rode a horse called Blue. I drove the plane going home. I had an operation in the hospital. 
    • Mishaan: Me and my brother have those blue head phones.
    • Dylan: Why did you go to the hospital to sleep?
    • Alexander: Because my tonsils are too big.
    • Jay: Why did the pilot tell you to drive the plane?
    • Alexander: To do airplane practice!
    • Colin: What did you have to do at the hospital?
    • Alexander: I couldn't do it at the doctor's office!
    • Marjan: Did you swim in the ocean in the Bahamas?
    • Alexander: Just the pool. And a crab bite me!


  • Winter Night Collages with shiny paper and white, silver, and gold writing implements on black paper.
    • Charley: I'm making some circles. I love munchkins.
    • Tessa: I made a pentagon.
    • Arun: I cut out stairs.
    • Adlai: This is a castle. I am using bronze.
    • Cole: I made a one-eyed bat. And the sun and moon with eyes and feet and there's the sky.
    • Arun: A square and two triangles falling on a winter day and the sun is shining. And I'm making some snow. And a snowman.
    • Dylan: Sun clouds. The planes are gonna go out to outer space. That's where the race is.
    • Jay: A Cheetah. It has 2 legs. It's in the dark. The cheetah is walking and finding the zebra.
  • Watercolor Designs
    • Adlai: Mine's gonna be a paper airplane.
    • Tessa: This line is all gonna be blue. This line is all gonna be purple. And this line is all gonna be red.

Science and Sensory

  • Magna Tiles
    • Jay: Race track. I made this part open.


  • Della: We have to keep Chocolate Milk out of the block area.
  • Pearl: So she doesn't chew on the blocks! Let's use all of the blocks.
  • Tessa: We're making a house big enough for us to live in!
  • Della: Yeah, we can go in it!
  • Colin: And Chocolate Milk!