Language and Literacy 

  • Books 
    • Fly Guy's Ninja Christmas -Cole brought this book in to share. 
    • Pete's Big Lunch -Charley read this book to the class! 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Pre-K! 

  • Students greeted each other in silly voices using the monkey puppet.

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Charley: This is my birthday! I have leftover cake at my house from the American girl doll store. My doll's name was Charlotte but I changed it to Katie. My old babysitter gave me a dog and a chair and a bowl for food. The doggie's name is Charlie Brown. This is a picture of me and mommy walking to school. This is me and my sister walking to the park. This is me going to Elite, I got a trophy! 
    • David John: How did you get there? 
      • Charley: I walked and saw the American Girl store on the other side of the street. 
    • Della: I went to the same store. 
    • Pearl: Did you buy anything there? 
      • Charley: I had a hair appointment for Tribeca, my doll. 
    • Adlai: You get to be twins with Lacy because she has an American girl doll. 
  • Artemis: This is me going to see Rudolph with my daddy. That's me and my sister opening presents, some of them were for me. Toronto is a far away place. I saw Sing. We went ice skating and I slipped! I went to Candyland with my cousins and ate pizza. I had a playdate with my cousins and went sledding. 
    • Fjola: Why did you go ice skating? 
      • Artemis:I wanted to learn how to ice skate. 
    • Mia: I went ice skating in casa blanca.
    • Charley: Aunty Jan is going to teach me how to ice skate.
    •  Zachary: What kind of birthday party did you have?
      • Artemis: I didn't go to my sister's birthday. 


  • Drawing Half of your Face 
    • Cole: My mouth is blue. That happened at the football game. I ate cotton candy and my mouth turned blue. 
    • Jay: I'm separating it. 
    • Leo: I'm really good at the hair! 
    • Charley: I made my ears! 
  • Drawing 
    • David John: This is an ice monster and a fire monster. 
    • Colin: This picture is for Chocolate Milk. It's so cool because Chocolate Milk is invisible.

Chocolate Milk Observations 

  • Leo: Chocolate Milk is playing drums. She is making music with a paper plate.