Our one-hour play dates were too short for everyone! Even so, the students explored the entire classroom and started to make new friends.

Here are some moments from our play dates:

When Jay and Cole walked in, they found their names on the white board. Cole also found his name on the "Welcome to Pre-K" banner that the parents made.

Jay wrote his name, but wrote an L for a Y. He tried again and got it!

Then Jay drew a tornado with lava.

Adlai showed Emily the trucks he brought from home. He said, "Two trucks. One is old, and one is new."

Arun drew clouds and rain with his mom.

Tessa found a magnifying glass and put it over her eye. She said, "I see you, Deborah!"

David John drew on the Pre-K banner. He said, "A red berry tree. It’s gonna have red berries on the leaves. They’re kind of sweet, and they have good vitamins for you."

Zachary, Jay, and Cole built with blocks. They created a "Dinosaur House."

Louis made an elaborate construction with legos. "This is a place where you can land airplanes. They go very far."

Charley read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to Adlai. She changed a word to Adlai's name while she was reading. "A told B, and B told C. I’ll meet you at the top of the Adlai tree!"

Mia drew on the Pre-K banner. "I drew my birdie! Its face is blue."

Ines read some books and played in the dramatic play area. She set up a tea party.

Artemis also had a tea party. She played in the doll house area with Mia.

Pearl drew flowers on the Pre-K banner. “I can draw a flower! Pink is my favorite color.”

“How many weeks have we been off from school? Maybe 500 weeks!” – Mishaan “Or 68.” – Alex

“When the bunny is tiny, can we hold him?” – Colin

“I’m making something to eat. It’s a pie!” – Fjola

“Wanna see what I can do with the beads?” – Dylan

Della cut play dough into “141 pieces of tomato pizza!”

“We’re sitting in here watching feet go up the stairs.” – Mishaan and Colin

“I can pick eggs from a chicken’s nest, and then eat them for breakfast.” – Colin, discussing his upcoming trip to a farm.