Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Here is Big Bunny
    • Duck! Rabbit!
    • Little White Rabbit
  • Songs 
    • It's Friday song - Each student got to say one thing they are going to do or want to do this coming weekend!
    • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Morning Meeting: Ni Hao Pre-K!

  • We discussed the months of the year. Today is the last day of September, and tomorrow is the first day of October.


  • Painting
    • Artemis: I'm making dresses.
    • Ines: I'm making a rainbow.
    • Fjola: My sun has a face and arms and a body.
    • Tessa: I made Mommy's hand!
    • Artemis and Charley painted together. Charley: Let's paint together! Artemis: Let's make a cupcake picture!

Math and Manipulatives

  • Marbles and Numbers
    • Tessa lined up marbles under the numbers. Then she practiced simple addition. She figured out that 3+4=7.
  • Zoob Pieces
    • Dylan: I made a sword.
    • Tessa: I made a lasso. I will lasso myself.

Blocks, Legos, and Trains

  • Cole: It's our monster truck wild zoo!

The Loft

  • Chocolate Milk hopped up the stairs to the loft. But then she could not hop back down! So Erika had to pick her up to take her back down from the loft.

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic Sand and Rocks
    • Arun: We are making cupcakes.
    • Dylan: And ice cream!
  • Bunny Observations
    • Colin: I fed Chocolate Milk some lettuce! She was hungry. She ate it.