Pre-K Rules Contract

  • Students signed their names on our Pre-K Rules chart. First, they agreed to try their best to follow the rules, and then they wrote their names. Some students also illustrated the rules. For example, Charley drew a picture of having safe bodies in the classroom and wrote "No Running." 

Good Morning Pre-K! Happy Birthday Ines!

  • This morning during Morning Meeting we introduced our "How Old are You Chart." 

Today we went to the Park for the first time this year! All of the children had a wonderful time playing on the monkey bars, sliding down the slide and playing Ghost Busters!

  • Jay, Alexander, Louis, and Leo: We are spies! We're spying on the bad guys. They're climbing on the buildings. We're going to put them in Jail.
  • Mia: I'm pretending Charley is my mom. 
  • Charley: Baby? Did you ever fund my baby? Mia! 
  • Pearl: They're wrecking the city!
  • Arun: We're the ghost busters!

When we returned from the park we celebrated Ines's 4th birthday. Her mom came in and brought the entire Pre-K class delicious cupcakes! We sang Happy Birthday to Ines and enjoyed eating the cupcakes after.