Morning Meeting: Buenos Dias Pre-K! For our greeting this morning, students passed a ball around the circle and said good morning to the people sitting next to them.

  • What is your favorite baked good?
    • Mia: Chocolate chip cookies.
    • Zachary: Brownies!
    • Artemis: Corn Muffins. 
    • Mishaan: Cake.
    • Pearl: Chocolate crossiants 
    • Cole: Brownies 
    • Jay: Cake.
    • Charley: Banana bread.
    • Della: Cupcakes.
    • Ines: Star cookies.
    • Fjola: Strawberry muffins
    • Tessa: Croissants 
    • Dylan: Avenger cookies! 
    • Colin: Chocolate croissants. 
    • Alexander: Brownies. 
    • Leo: Cake!

We were so lucky to have Cole's mom Rebecca come into our class today and make pumpkin muffins with us. Each child participated in the activity by mixing the ingredients in a large bowl until they were blended, and then scooping the batter into individual muffin cups.

While our muffins were in the oven baking, we went on our first walk outside together as a Pre-K class. Each child had a partner as we walked around the block to prepare for our longer walk to the park next week! 

The children had a great time and enjoyed eating the muffins after! 

  • When we returned we asked the children discussed what went well during our walk and these were some of their responses:
    • Tessa: Nobody let go of hands!
    • Ines: Nobody went far away.
    • Della: No one got lost!
    • Artemis: Everyone walked nicely.
    • Dylan: No one stepped on anyone's shoes. 
    • Mishaan: Everybody listened to the rules.

Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Let It Fall!
  • Songs
    • Freeze Dance
    • Five Little Pumpkins

Math and Manipulatives

  • Straws and Connectors

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic Sand with Rocks
    • Della: It's sand with rocks in a cup!


  • Fall Drawings
    • Mia: Wind! It's fall. I'm making the sky. This is the city in fall.
    • Charley: I need to draw a leaf! For fall. Let's read a fall book. I'm gonna make a fall book.