Language and literacy 

  • Books
    • We had the pleasure of having Mia's parents, Paola and Arturo, come into our class today and read Aladdin: The Search for Sultan's Stone, to the Pre-K class. They each did different voices in the story. The children loved it, and we are looking forward to them coming back and reading to us again! 
  • Songs
    • Freeze Dance
    • Jack in the Box 

Morning Meeting Share Time: Hello Bunny Lovers!

Today we brainstormed names for the bunny with the children. Each of us chose a potential name for the bunny and then we took a vote! Our class decided that our bunny's name will be Chocolate Milk! 

  • How will we make our room safe and welcoming for our bunny?
    • Artemis: We can decorate our classroom for the bunny to feel welcomed. 
    • Mishaan: We can decorate his cage.
    • Della: We can make the bunny pictures and put them on his cage.
    • Cole: We can be quiet.
    • Charley: We can make pictures.
    • Louis: We can make pictures.
    • Pearl: We can give the bunny hugs to make him feel safe.
    • Adali: We can show him parts of the room.
    • Ines: We can touch the bunny gently to make him feel safe.
    • David John: We can feed the bunny.
    • Fjola: We can pet the bunny but we need to ask.
    • Jay: Why do bunnies hop? We can watch it hop.
    • Tessa: How can bunnies hold their eyes open longer than us?
    • Dylan: We can decorate his cage and put candy in it and give him a costume.
    • Alexander: We can gently pet it.
    • Arun: We can discover what his teeth look like.
    • Mia: We can put flowers on his cage so he feels welcomed.
    • Zachary: We can decorate the table.
    • Leo: We can walk carefully. 


  • Making welcome pictures for our bunny
    • David John: I'm drawing our bunny eating a carrot.
    • Ines: My bunny is happy to see us.
    • Charley: I'm going to make me as a bunny wearing a dress with a bunny on it.
    • Arun: I'm making a picture for the bunny. 
    • Della: I made a rainbow picture for the bunny to feel safe.
    • Tessa: This is our bunny eating a carrot, it has a smile.
    • Cole: I made a picture for the bunny 
    • Zachary: His first name can be chocolate and his last name can be milk! 

Blocks, trains, and legos

  • Cole: We're building a space castle.
  • Mishaan: It's a space castle zoo. 

The Loft 

  • Mia: We're pretending to be Rapunzel!
  • Pearl: Rapunzel has long hair just like us.

Dramatic Play

  • Louis: Everyone eat your dessert! 
  • Charley: I'm making a tomato and lettuce sandwich.
  • Jay: I need to warm the chips up.
  • Leo: Can I have dinner too?
  • Alexander: We can't eat all of this food alone. 

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic sand


  • Free Play