Our New Classroom Friend. 

Today we introduced our new classroom friend into the class, a lion head bunny! As a class we discovered that the bunny has brown fur, brown eyes, and wiggles his nose. 

We asked the children what we should do when the bunny arrives into the classroom and these were their responses!

  • Ines: We should be so quiet so we don't scare him!
  • Tessa: We can give him carrots and water.
  • Dylan: We can play with him.
  • Della: We can pet it one at a time.
  • Cole: My sister wants to meet the bunny.
  • Mishaan: My brother likes bunnies.
  • Arun: We should give him lettuce.

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Marshmallow - A story about a bunny. It is a long book, so we will continue reading it in the coming days.
  • Songs
    • Get up and dance
    • Freeze dance
  • Feelings Chart
    • Today, we introduced the feelings chart. It is on the fridge, and each student's name is on velcro on the side. At any point in the day, they can place their name on the chart and move it to different emotions. The emotions include ecstatic, happy, sad, scared, angry, and enraged. Most students were ecstatic or happy today! But it is okay for students to have any feeling, as long as they express it in a safe way. The feelings chart is a helpful tool to talk about emotions and a great outlet for expressing emotions.

Morning Meeting Share Time: Hola Pre-K

  • What do you want to be when your grow up?
    • Dylan:  I want to be Batman when I grow up!
    • Tessa:  I want to be Batman and wonder-woman. 
    • Jay:  I want to be a paleontologist and travel the world.
    • Fjola: I want to be a princess when I grow up.
    • David John: I want to be Spiderman when I grow up
    • Ines: I want to be a ballerina when I grow up.
    • Adlai: I want to be a Knight.
    • Pearl: I want to be a Princess.
    • Louis: I want to be Batman and Ironman when I grow up.
    • Charley: I want to be an artist because I love to draw!
    • Cole: I want to be a dancer and singer when I grow up.
    • Della: I want to be a princess.
    • Mishaan: I want to be a doctor and work with my mommy and daddy.
    • Artemis: I want to be a ballerina.
    • Zachary: I want to be Batman, Superman and the Hulk!
    • Mia: I want to be a ballerina and a princess.
    • Arun: I want to be a power ranger.
    • Alexander: I want to have feet on my head. 


  • Chalkboards
    • Cole: This is Spongebob making ten burgers.
    • Mishaan: I'm drawing a really big maze.
    • Zachary: I'm making a man and a zombie.
    • Tessa: I made a star!
  • Writing
    • Pearl: I made the alphabet. 
  • Dot Painting
    • Mishaan: It's a rainbow connected to a water tube.
    • Charley: I'm making grass and a sculpture.
    • Tessa: I'm making a picture of my family.
    • Fjola: I'm painting a forest with a couple of blackberries.
    • Arun: I'm inventing a time machine 
    • Ines: This is a hippopotamus, and this is a big ghost and a little ghost.
    • Della: This is my name and this is fireworks. 
  • Cutting and Gluing
    • Fjola: I'm making a collage! I love it.

Dramatic Play

  • Mishaan: I'm setting up a dinner for my classmates
  • Louis: Can I help?

Blocks, Trains, and legos

  • Adlai: This is an army of dinosaurs.
  • Arun: But we're power rangers so we're safe from the dinosaurs. 
  • Jay: I'm going to build a zoo.

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic sand

Gym and Free Play

  • We pretended to be bunnies hopping around the grass.