Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Creepy Carrots
    • The Runaway Pancake
  • Songs
    • Nearly Neighbors - This song is about bears who are neighbors, and then they become friends.
    • Get Up and Dance

Morning meeting share time: Bonjour Pre-K!

  • What is your partner's favorite book?
    • Ines: Fjola's favorite book is princess books.
    • Fjola: Ines's favorite bock is princess books.
    • Artemis: Ardiana's favorite book is Snow White.
    • Ardiana: Artemis's favorite book is Cinderella.
    • David John: Tessa's favorite book is Ninja turtles.
    • Tessa: David John's favorite book is The Pout-Pout fish.
    • Charley: Della's favorite book is Dr. Seuss books. 
    • Della: Charley's favorite book is Dr. Seuss books.
    • Louis: Mia's favorite book is Jack and the Beanstalk. 
    • Mia: Louis's favorite book is Wild Kratts.
    • Arun: Adlai's favorite book is Angry Kangaroo. 
    • Adali: Arun's favorite books are superhero books.
    • Dylan: Zachary's favorite book is Look and FInd
    • Zachary: Dylan's favorite book is Superman vs. Batman
    • Mishaan: Cole's favorite book is Pete the Cat.
    • Cole: MIshaan's favorite book is Pete the Cat.
    • Colin: Pearl's favorite book is Princess books.
    • Pearl: Colin's favorite book is Fireman Small.
    • Jay: Alexander's favorite books are dinosaur books.
    • Alexander: Jay's favorite books are dinosaur books.

Dramatic Play

  • Jay: We're having a dinner party!
  • Pearl: Raise your hand if you like spaghetti with meat sauce!
  • Louis: Here's some bacon if you want.
  • Jay: Don't forget the table snacks.
  • Alexander: I'm going to eat all of the dessert.
  • Alexander to David John: You're late to the dinner party!
  • David John: This is quite a feast!

Blocks, Trains, and Lego's

  • Cole: We're building a big wild zoo with dinosaurs and cheetah's but no grass.
  • Zachary: This is a wild zoo. That's why there's lots of wild animals. It is like Zootopia.
  • Cole: The frog means its open.


  • Self Portraits
    • Leo: It's me in winter because I love winter.
    • Arun: I'm making all of the blue power ranger symbols.
  • Clay
    • Della: It's easy to make this I flatted it out.
    • Artemis: Yeah we're just decorating some stuff.
    • Charley: Yeah a butterfly and some decorations 
    • Mia: This is my butterfly's glass slippers. It's a butterfly princess! 

Science and sensory 

  • Kinetic sand