Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten
  • Songs
    • Head, shoulder knees and toes - We sang this song at a regular speed, and then really fast, and then really slowly.

Morning Meeting Share Time: What do we have in common?

  • We discovered that every child has at least one thing in common with their friends!
    • Cole and Artemis: We both like chocolate milk and nutella. And we both like pink.
    • Louis and Fjola: We both live in big buildings!
    • Pearl and Charley: We both went to Fire Island and we both have cousins.
    • Jay and Zachary: We both like dinosaurs and apples. And we both have stinky feet!
    • Mishaan and Colin: We both like strawberries, mangos and applesauce. 
    • Ines and Della: We like chocolate milk and our favorite colors are  pink and purple.
    • Tessa and David John: We both did rock climbing and we both like cheddar bunnies.
    • Mia and Emily: We both like to play with our siblings. 
    • Della and Ines: We both like chocolate milk. We both like purple and pink.
    • Adali and Dylan: The two of us like green.


  • Painting clay animals
    • Cole: I'm making a snake. It's a pink, red, and blue snake.
    • Colin: I'm making a green turtle. 
    • Tessa: I'm making a worm.
    • Dylan: i'm making a scary crocodile. 
    • Ines: I'm making a mommy sea lion. 
    • Zachary: i'm making a big strong apatosaurus!
  • Painting
    • Tessa: I'm making a rainbow that can take you to rainbow land.
    • Louis: My painting is full of dots.
    • Della: I made dark purple water.
    • David John: This is my mixing colors.
    • Artemis: 100 hearts! And a hotel.
  • Self-Portraits
    • Artemis: It's me wearing my mermaid costume for Halloween with my high heels.
    • David John: This is me playing in the grass. A wrote a standard D and a beanstalk J.
    • Fjola: This is a girl.
    • Mishaan: That's my face. That's my bellybutton and body. That's my legs and my feet. 
    • Colin: Legs, feet, feet, arms, arms, belly button and I don't know what this is. It's just my bad start.
    • Zachary: This is hair. This is my belly.
    • Adlai: This is my hair. My belly. My legs.

Blocks trains and lego's

  • Charley: I'm building a castle!
    • Artemis: The gate to the castle has to be strong so the cars can't get through!
  • Zachary and Mishaan: We're making a fire station.
  • Colin: Dinosaurs protect the fire station.

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic Sand