Language and literacy

  • Books
    • How do dinosaurs eat their food?
    • I Love School
    • Me I Am!
  • Songs
    • Good morning, how are you? 
  • Sharing our hopes and dreams - We showed everyone's drawings, and students shared their hopes and dreams for the year.
    • Dylan: I hope my mommy and daddy come to school
    • Pearl: I hope to slide down a rainbow with mommy and daddy.
    • Zachary: I hope to make potions.
    • Adlai: I hope to race monster trucks on a race track. 
    • Tessa: I hope to have a beach party.
    • Colin: I hope to play in the gym and the loft.
    • David John: I hope to play at the park. 
    • Fjola: I hope to be a pirate on a big boat. 


  • Self-Portraits
    • Pearl: My eyes. My hair. Ears. Color in my ears. Legs. And my mouth. Grass and flowers. Here's a stem with a different flower. Some regular words.
    • Louis: I put my eyebrows and eyes and a nose and a mouth and hair and legs and arms and hands and feet.
    • Cole: It's me!
    • Charley: This is a seahorse on my shirt. Now I'm drawing my hair. It's really messy.
    • Ines: My eyes.
    • Mia: This is me when I was a baby.
    • Jay: It's a tiger. It's me as a tiger.
    • Dylan: It's me when I was a big boy. When I was five when I went to Kindergarten.
    • Tessa: Snowflake hands! Shoes.
  • Clay
    • David John: Be careful, young worm!
    • Ines: I'm trying to make a flower.
    • Zachary: Apatosaurus!

Blocks, trains and legos

  • Mia and Artemis made a "really big nest."

Science and Sensory

  • Kinetic Sand
    • Zachary: I'm trying to make a really big castle.
    • Mishaan: You need more sand, Zachary. Here you go!