Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • If You Take a Mouse to School
    • When Sophie Gets Angry--Really Really Angry
      • What can we do when we feel angry?
      • Artemis: Go to a different part of the room and calm down.
      • Zachary: Play with toys.
      • Cole: Ask a teacher for help.
      • Della: Ask your mom to take you outside.
      • Charley: Go to the rug.
    • If You're a Robot and You Know It
    • Friends by Eric Carle
  • Songs
    • Row, row, row your boat
  • Morning Meeting Share Time: Do you have any pets?
    • We discovered that 9 people have pets and 10 people do not have pets.
      • Alexander: I have a dead fish.
      • Cole: No pets, but I want a dog.
      • Leo: I have two cats. One scratches me.
      • Ines: My brown dog, Lucky, is coming at Christmas.
      • Dylan: Mom's allergic to dogs and cats, so I can get a hamster or fish.
      • Jay: I want to bring my dog Louis to school!


  • Drawing our hopes and dreams
    • Cole: I hope to do science experiments.
    • Leo: I hope to climb a mountain and go to the loft. And play with race cars. 
    • Arun: I hope to make potions.
    • Mishaan: I hope to go in the loft.
    • Della: My hope and dream is to see a rainbow.
    • Mia: My hope and dream is to be a scientist with a cape and potions.
    • Louis: I hope to play with lions because they're my favorite animal.
    • Alexander: Play with Louis.
    • Jay: I hope to change the classroom into a swimming pool.
    • Ines: I hope to paint my nails at school.
  • Stamps
    • Zachary: I'm going to use the lips stamp for my mom.
  • Clay
    • Dylan: I made a snake, alligator, crocodile.
    • Zachary: I made a turtle.

Blocks and Animals

  • Louis: It's a car animal house.
  • Jay: Here's a wild dog.
  • Louis: The tough animals go here.
  • Jay: The monkeys head butt.

Math Games

  • Geoboards with rubberbands
    • Zachary: I made an airport. Here's security. You go on the airplane and then it takes off! It goes to Hawaii and Outer Banks!


  • Gym
    • Free Play