Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins

    • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

  • Songs
    • If You're Happy and You Know It
  • Morning Meeting Share Time: What's your favorite food?

·      Della: Spaghetti.

·      Fjola: Chicken.

·      Jay: Cucumbers

·      Cole: Bananas.

·      Dylan: Bacon.

·      Adlai: Pickles.

·      Louis: Bananas.

·      Zachary: Pickles, bacon, and bananas.

·      Artemis: Nutella.

·      David John: Tangerines. It’s a type of orange.

·      Charley: Carrots.

·      Colin: Cucumbers and carrots.

·      Mishaan: Candy.

·      Tessa: Peanut butter and jelly.

·      Arun: Candy.

·      Alex: Chocolate.

·      Leo: Broccoli and Cheetos.

·      Mia: Cupcakes.

·      Ines: Ice cream.

·      Pearl: Candy.

  • What is a nice thing that you noticed someone do today?

·      David John: Mishaan helped Mia put away her stuff.

·      Mia: And Arun and Leo helped me too.

·      Zachary: Playing with Tessa and Adlai and going on adventures in the gym.

·      Adlai: It was so much fun. We had a hideout.

·      Mia: I guess you two became friends.

·      Dylan: I helped clean up the blocks with Zachary and Mishaan and Leo.

·      Leo: I helped Louis clean up.

·      Artemis: I liked it when Mia put my dolls and stuff in my cubby.


  • Drawing on the light table
    • Mia: It’s a big different kinds of oceans, and this is the sun changing the colors of the ocean. They were all blue, but the sun is changing them.
    • Arun: When my mom's mother got died, that's where she got buried.
  • Drawing our hopes and dreams
    • ·      David John: I want to play in the park.

      ·      Dylan: I hope that my family comes to school.

      ·      Tessa: I want to have a beach party and make beach cups for smoothies.

      ·      Colin: I hope to play in the gym and play in the loft.

      ·      Charley: To kiss the sun. That’s my hope and dream.

      ·      Artemis: Playing castle upstairs in the loft.

      ·      Pearl: I hope I can find a rainbow.

      ·      Adlai: I want to find more monster trucks.

      ·      Fjola: I want to pretend to be a pirate on a boat hunting for treasure.

      ·      Zachary: I want to do science like potions and I want to go to the gym.

Blocks, Trains, and Legos

  • Legos
    • Louis: I’m making a gas station. It fills the car so fast!

  • Blocks
    • Cole, Jay, and Mishaan built a zoo. Cole: I put a flat piece on the bottom so it won't fall.

Math Games

  • Unifix Cubes - completing patterns
    • Arun: I did it! Black, green, black, green.

    • Louis: A racecar pattern. Green, green, blue, blue. I love racecars.

    • Zachary: Tessa recognized the pattern! And I got this one!

    • Tessa: It goes yellow, yellow, blue, red.


  • Gym
    • ·      Artemis, Charley, and Louis built a tunnel.

      ·      Dylan was sailing on a boat.

      ·      Colin walked on a high wire.

      ·      Ines loved swinging on the rope swing.