Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • How Do Dinosaurs Go to School
  • Songs
    • Shake your sillies out
  • Morning Meeting Share Time: What was your favorite part of the summer?
    • Dylan: Yesterday, I gone to swimming class in New York where my mom goes swimming.
    • Arun: I liked learning how to swim.
    • Adlai: Swimming.
    • Louis: Teaching how I need to swim.
    • Charley: Going to Fire Island!
    • Artemis: Going to the park and swimming every day.
    • Pearl: With Gwennie and my mom in the stroller, going to Fire Island.
    • Fjola: I played in the leaves.
    • Colin: Picking the eggs from the chickens.
    • Mishaan: I went to the Hamptons house.
    • Cole: Going to the lake, riding my quad, and everything else!
    • Zachary: Going to the lake house, eating ice cream, and going on vacation.
    • Alexander: Going to East Hampton, and I did nothing.
    • Leonardo: Going to the lake and the beach and going swimming.
    • Jay: Going out to the beach and going on an airplane.
    • Tessa: I like when I go to Florida on an airplane and playing on my ipad.
    • Della: My favorite part of the summer was going to the beach.
    • Ines: I will save it for later.
    • Mia: Playing with my cousin
    • David John: When me and my mom were getting dressed, I saw my stuffed animal named Iggy.


  • Decorating Name Tags
    • Arun: I colored in my A!
    • Louis: I colored in all the letters.
    • Mishaan: I'm making a rainbow.
    • Mia: Mine's not a name tag. It's a map to find treasure. These are coins.
    • Mishaan: I made mommy. I'm gonna color it in green because her favorite color is green.
  • Play Dough
    • Zachary: Here's your meatball!

Blocks, Trains, and Legos

  • Trains
    • Louis: Arun, we can make a super long train. This will be the back. It's a castle with trains!
  • Legos
    • Zachary: It's a big boat!
    • Adlai: I'm making a battle car. It battles the bad guy.
    • Louis: I'm making a speed car.
  • Blocks
    • Mia: This is the flower museum.
    • Fjola: I'm making the prettiest prettiest house.

Dramatic Play

  • Artemis: This is our store.
  • Charley: We're selling Minnie Mouse.
  • Artemis: I sell backpacks.

Science and Sensory

  • Water Beads
    • Ines: They're so soft!
  • Light table with magna tiles
    • Della: I built a castle.


    • Gym
    • Hello, My Name is Joe
    • Free Play