Today Ines's Mom Renata came in for a read-aloud and shared snack. First she and Ines read Snowmen at Night. After the story we made edible snowmen with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and chocolate chips! We also had hot chocolate! This was a yummy winter activity, thanks Renata! 

Language and Literacy 

  • Books
    • Best Friend Sleep over -Artemis brought this book in to share. 
    • Where the Wild Things are. 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Engineers!

  • What was your favorite part of our field trip yesterday?
    • Tessa: Making the robots because I made my robot have a butt. 
    • Mishaan: My favorite part was when the robot went up in the air. 
    • Artemis: When my robot flies. 
    • David John: I made a robot necklace named Snapper. 
    • Ines: Making my robot.
    • Colin: When the robot went up in the air. 
    • Louis: When they light up.
    • Charley: My favorite part was when we got the parachute and flied it up.
    • Arun: I only remember the sad part. When I got home and it wouldn't light up. 
    • Zachary: We tried to use a hair dryer at home but it didn't work. There wasn't enough air. 
    • Fjola: My favorite part was when we walked and go to the robot place and we made our robots. 
    • Mia: When we made the parachutes fly. 
    • Cole: Flying it. Mine doesn't work at home. 
    • Jay: Building a butt.
    • Adlai: At home I was building a structure for my robot then a kid knocked it down. 
    • Pearl: When mine lighted up!
    • Leo: When I made lego laser beams come out of the robot! 

Newscaster of the Day: David John

  • David John: Today my mom got a little sister in her tummy. We are calling her butter bean because she doesn't have a real name yet. May 16th she is going to be born!

Questions and comments from the class 

  • Cole: How does it come out?
    • David John: It crawls out. 
  • Arun: I wish I had baby but I don't, but my cousin does have a baby. 
  • Mishaan: When the baby crawls sometimes they crawl and get hurt. 
  • Pearl: How does the baby come out?
    • David John: Mommy's tummy gets bigger and bigger and then it pops. 


  • Zoo Maps 
    • Arun: This is the zoo jail. If you do something bad at the zoo, you go to jail. This is where the monkeys live. 
    • Louis: Arun! Your zoo is awesome. 
    • Arun: Thanks, I made a playground at the zoo. 
    • Louis: Here's the street going to the zoo. 
  • Animal Collages 
    • Louis: It's a lion family, but it's not a lion. It's a coddy lion. 
    • Zachary: It's a dog and an eagle running from the bad guy. 
    • Tessa: It's a horse walking. 


  • Louis: It's a big zoo! 

Dice game with colors and numbers 

  • Jay: My 2 and 1 just won. 
  • Mishaan: I need to make an R for red. 
  • Leo: The green won! Now I have to do red. 


  • Today we had music with Isabella. We started our lesson with the hello say your name song. Then we learned the second verse of the Simple Simon song: Said Simple Simon to the Pieman, "Can I try your ware?" After we used different instruments to keep the beat of the song. Then Isabella read Tubby the Tuba to us and we started to learn about the tuba. We ended our lesson with the goodbye song.